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Fancy New Website!

Frank Reber

As most of you already know, we are always changing things up in the name of progress and improvement. We have nothing but love for our previous website. After all, it had been lovingly crafted by a good friend of ours and served us well for the past year, but all good things must come to an end to make way for the new. Lauren and I decided that since we're coming up on The Caffeinery's two year anniversary, it's only fitting that we improve our website to reflect how we've grown and evolved as people and as community-centered business owners.  The new website will give us more control and allow us to do more for our customers. So let's talk about the new changes!

The first thing you've probably noticed is that our website is a bit more sleek and sexy than the last time you visited. This was no accident! We are quite fond of visual aesthetics and wanted to make sure that the website was as beautiful as it is simple and functional. I believe that we've achieved a balance of the two with this site. 

We've got a new and improved online shop that is better for everyone! It's cleaner and more functional... Oh, and I would like to mention that it looks WAY better than the previous system we had been using. We are going to be expanding our online offerings to include loose leaf teas, our proprietary coffee blends, brewing gear, and merchandise (t-shirts, mugs, and etc)!

We've got a new blog! While tumblr has been great to us for the 1.5 years, we wanted more out of a blog platform. The new blog platform is cleaner, gives us more tools for awesomeness, AND it allows for comments and contributions from our readers! What more could we ask for!?