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This small piece of internet real-estate is dedicated to all things associated with The Caffeinery, our local community, and the coffee industry at large. We hope that you find it informative and entertaining. Thanks for taking the time to check us out!

League of Lattes Debut

Frank Reber


Last night Jordan and I had the pleasure of driving down to Indianapolis to participate in the League of Lattes latte art competition. This was our first time attending as it's sometimes difficult for us to make it down to Indianapolis on a Thursday night because we have to work early in the AM on the following day. Alas, we made sure to get nice and caffeinated and made a valiant effort to represent the Muncie coffee culture in Indianapolis. We didn't know what to expect so we went in with open minds and were prepared to go with the flow. For those of you that would be interested in learning a bit of history regarding the League of Lattes competition, you can read all about it via this 2015 NUVO article!

Competition Bracket for the February 2016 League of Lattes

Competition Bracket for the February 2016 League of Lattes

Despite this being our debut appearance, the espresso gods were in our favor on that chilly night. We met a lot of talented baristas and witnessed their amazing techniques first-hand. Jordan and I both managed to make it to what they were calling "the elite 8." It was pretty awesome to see two baristas from The Caffeinery making it that far. By the end of the day I managed to walk away with the second place spot. We were pretty pumped to have represented our home town so well. It was an extremely fun and friendly competition and we look forward to participating in them in the months to come! 

2nd Place swag from Quill's Coffee!

2nd Place swag from Quill's Coffee!

These events are open to the public, so if you're a lover of coffee and good times, I highly recommend that you make it out to one of these gatherings. You will not regret it!